Poles or magnets?
  • Hi!
    I'm a little bit confused: When I'm setting my controller in GUI there is N.POLES setting, but in english manual it is advised to count the number of magnets. So what number should I enter there? Number of magnets (14) or magnetic poles (12)? I think that for electronics number of magnetic poles is more important?
  • Manual says.. N.POLES - defines number of poles (magnets) of each motor. This value is roughly detected in auto calibration procedure described above. If it detected wrong, set it manually: count the number of magnets in your motor (generally it is 14 poles). (SBGC manual 1.2 eng)

    So magnets it is until told other wise ;)
  • Well... hence my confusion :D

    Number of poles is different than number of magnets. If a variable is called N.POLES it suggests that I should enter number of poles there (12 in my case) and not the number of magnets (14). So there is a mistake somewhere (maybe in translation of the manual?). AUTO sets the variable to 13 :D