gimbal problem with angle - video
  • Hi!!!

    I have a problem with my gimbal GL-3X.

    The problem is when it is moving forward and makes a large angle it create vibration.

    Which setting to look in the GUI program ;

    Follow the video with the problem..


  • use estimate angles from motors.
  • Hi... Thank for your reply!!

    I tried from GUI ----> RC settings ---> roll min and max setting but nothing result.
  • Did you try Follow/ use estimate angles from motors. What FW do you have?
  • Hi agian Garug...

    Yes, after i tried use Estimate frame angles from motors, the gimbal crazy...

    I have the Firmware 2.40 b7
  • is the estimate angles from motors activated on the above video, it does not look like it. Note: when using it you should perform follow offset calibration also.

    What did you try to archive with the RC settings ---> roll min and max setting? just set them so that they are not limiting.

    Have you performed the basic setup carefully and exactly as per the instruction? It just takes wrong pole count or motor inverted status etc. to have all kind of problems.