Connecting IMU sensors on came7000
  • Hi! I have the came 7000, 32bit version. Is it possible to connect booth IMU sensors indvidually to the board?
    As i have it now.,the Cam IMU is connected to the Frame IMU. The Frame IMU is then connected to the board.

    best regards
  • Hello, yes, each sensor can connect individually to the board, because each sensor has his address.
  • How do u connect the imu individually to the board?
  • Hello, please, send photo of both sensors and control board on one snapshot.
  • Thanks so much everyone! I figured it out!

    I hadn't cut the ADDR bridge on the back of the sensor to properly set the frame IMU address to 0x69. Once I did that, the software recognized it with no issues.

    Now to see if I can finally figure out how to get this rig working!

    Thanks again!