Rmaotion software under Linux or any code compiler pleas help
  • dear sir
    honest greeting and great respect

    I'm Aal
    I'm very impressed about your project and i will do my best to support your great work
    I'm working on gimbal control software project using your Rmaotion software
    i need to convert my code(FROM WINXP) to run on Linux because the (BaseCam Simple BGC 32 bit AlexMos Gimbal Brushless Controller) connected to serial on( http://radxa.com device) or Raspberry pi so pleas advice me if :

    1-is there is any specified basecam model you recommended automation control ?if yes pleas send me a link

    2-any compiler to convert the cod to the Linux environment or any converter for direct USB-serial output command from computer

  • Hello!

    1) Serial protocol specification for BaseCam board you can download from http://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/SimpleBGC_2_4_Serial_Protocol_Specification.pdf

    2) Radax or Raspberry for onboard control is overshoot, simple way you can use Arduino. Sample libs http://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/SBGC_Serial_API_Examples.zip
    But if you want use Radax or Raspberry, best way ask about compiler on controllers community forum
  • sir i m using embedded system for gating image via ptp protocol i cant use arduino board
    do you have compiler to translate the code from rg motion to Linux ?
    thanks alot
  • i m not a programmer and your application is very nice and easy to learn i recommended for all photographer in my community but we still have Linux support problems