Roll shaking, yaw not following,
  • Hello, I need help.
    First thing is the yaw not following, even after all calibrations done (acc, gyro, pole), it turns in opposite direction, but regular yaw working good.
    Second, when I turn it left it's ok, when i tilt it forward or backwards more than 30 degrees it starts to shake like crazy and sometimes lose straight position.

  • Try balancing the camera as close the pitch motor as possible, that will help. Then you need to retune the Pitch and Roll for sure. The values should be much higher. Maybe though you should do the basic setup first very carefully. your NUM.POLES look strange, could be also that inverted status, IMU calibrations etc should be improved.
  • After I got bigger values for pitch and roll, it got even worse. but I will try again. thanks for the reply.
  • any comments else?