PMSM vs BLDC motors
  • Hi guys,

    I was told by a manufacturer that PMSM is better than BLDC motors. I tried to google but nothing about them came up. so what are PMSM's advantage?
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) - Overview


    "They have rotor structures similar to BLDC motors which contain permanent magnets. However, their stator structure resembles that of its ACIM cousin, where the windings are constructed in such a way as to produce a sinusoidal flux density in the airgap of the machine. As a result, they perform best when driven by sinusoidal waveforms. ...."

    So sounds like it could provide smoother operation, but how much difference there is if any to the motors we now use I can not say. And no idea if it could be driven with current controllers.
  • are these motors already supported by basecam board?
    or do we need to wait for new harware or firmware?