Vibrations on the yaw axis
  • Hi,

    I have a problem getting stabilize footage with my gimbal. It's a XProheli SILK gimbal. I mount my GH4 on it.
    It seems that the yaw axis is the problem. My PID settings are 24 - 0.04 - 22.
    It seems to react that way because of the wind(even in very light wind)...very frustrating.

    It starts at around 4 seconds. I did a few test this morning and it was a lot worst.

  • Here is another video with a second cam (gopro) filming my GH4 and gimbal acting up.

    password: vib
  • What is the rattling sound? how is the vibration dampening, I suspect vibration dampening.
  • The gimbal motors are making the sound. If so, wouldn't the footage of the gopro be shaky too?
  • Vibrations can affect different places differently. Anyway, you should find the source of the sound and fix it.
  • Just got a email from Xproheli and they just modified the way the gimbal holds to the quad. A few others had the same problem. They are sending me the new plates. With the new plate, 4 bolts will be holding the gimbal instead of 2. As a temporary fix/solution, I tapped 2 extra holes so it holds with 4 bolts...and voila! Reduced vibration by at least 90%...if not more. Will be doing some more tests this weekend just to be sure.