WHAT IS THIS!!! Can't identify what board I have
  • I'm kind of in a bind here. I'm working on a senior project at UH Manoa and I recently ordered a DSLRPros 3 axis gimbal. They said it was brand new (which it seems to be) and that it included the wiring diagram (which it did not). I am stuck now because, even though I've identified that the controller board IS a Basecam board, I don't know which one and can't find a wiring diagram. I separated the two boards and took pictures so maybe someone could help.
    The images are:

    If you need better pictures, please let me know. The guys at DSLRPros (so far) have been pretty useless. I can't even get them to tell me the specs on the motors they used. Can anybody give me an idea of at least the voltage requirements (I'm guessing 5V?). What should the power supply to the board be? The motors are the brushless ones and they look just like the DYS motors. I've included a picture below, but it's pretty vague.

    Here are a coupe of pictures of the gimbal:

    I would appreciate any and ALL help. Thanks,

  • Another thing: what firmware would you recommend I use on it. I'll be mounting it under a drone (quadcopter).
  • This is a dys custom version mini board.
    Its a 8bit version and most say it thrives best on 2.3b5 firmnware
  • Great! Thanks.
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    Could you please give me the picture with IC 8 pin near gyro slot.
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