Yaw kill switch for Octocopter
  • Hi - Can anyone help me set up the control switch to kill the yaw motor on an Octocopter rig. I need to hold the Yaw static (in line) with the air-frame for take off and landing. I have set up a switch on my radio Control Tx so that i can switch the control channel to change profiles - but I'm not sure how that helps. Can anyone give me any clues? My brain aches after trying to work it all out! It's the 32bit board & latest firmware. Thanks, Chris.
  • No such thing! you you need to set up follow mode follow WAY so when your copter turns yaw will follow the direction of the turn.
  • Ah - that's helpful - thanks. Yes - that would certainly work for take off and landing. I guess I then use the control channel to switch to a 2nd mode with follow turned off for the main flight?

    I do find the manual quite obscure at times. it would be nice if there was a bit more detail in it!
    Maybe someone could write a "Alex Mos Gimbals for Dummies" book!
    Thanks again. CL.
  • Hi Chris, for take of and landings I set control switch to Profile 1 with the Yaw PID settings all set to 0 and Yaw Motor power at 1. This basically kills the yaw function without switching off the motor.