Yaw drift during tuning
  • Hi
    I am trying to tune my ASP 3 axis gimbal. The pitch and roll are almost OK, but I cant start to tune the YAW since it drifts to the right and wont stop if I dont shut the motor down.
    I had a similar problem with the pitch, until I realised that in RC, the tab Pitch was mapped. But the YAW has no input.

    So why is it drifting?
  • the gimbal needs to be absolutely still during gyro calibration so if you have the gyro calibration at startup activated, let the gimbal be stationary (not in hands, but floor etc.) until the motors start.
  • It is stationary, it is completely still before start. But spins anyway...
  • Are you using joystick, is it calibrated? You say Yaw has no input, but just to make sure.

    What does real time tab show for gyros and accelerometers?
  • Ive got same problem
  • what should the gyro & acceleromters show? A steady line

    Ive just noticed that on err_yaw is -2 & error_pitch is 2
  • Just powered off & back on again & not drifting any more
  • "what should the gyro & acceleromters show? A steady line" Steady lune is ok, but not too steady. If some of the values on left stay steadily at 0, then the IMU is likely broken.
  • thanks

    what about a -2 on the err_yaw?
  • then line is flat but the values are oscillating by few digits.
    I dont have a joystick.
    when I do an autotune, it drifts... i have to stop it before it hits the legs. Then it goes nuts.
    Same with the pitch.
  • few digits oscillation is as it should be.

    Have you performed the gyro calibration as mentioned above?

    You can rotate the platform during the auto PID tuning to avoid the gimbal hitting anything. (though it should not drift much during it.)
  • thanks
    I think it was due to an umbalanced axis
  • Well no, it's not working at all. The gimbal is balanced on its three axis, but when i start tuning the yaw it drifts. Strangely it stops after a 180 deg turn, so the cam is facing the wrong direction.
    All help would be apreciated
  • I have the same issue and if it as common as I am starting to see in these forms then there has to be a fix, Mine is doing the same thing.
    I did the auto tune on the PID's and it was holding and seemed to be pretty reactive to movement.. but when I plugged in the receiver for the transmitter, (drone for Aerial Photography) now the yaw will not hold... it keeps drifting to one side or the other... it does respond to input commands from the transmitter but it will continue to drift in what ever direction I tell it to go to.
    I have made sure that my gimbol is very balanced, so I know this is not the problem, I have also checked the RC settings and my range of movement and speed are fine.......
    I am not sure why it would it hold after doing a PID auto tune but adding the receiver for the transmitter now it acts funny... I have also checked the transmitter and the joystick movement and it is all centered where it should be.
    Please Help!