RCTimer GMB 5208 024-200T
  • I was getting some problems with the YAW axis. Today a realize that the motor get a little hard to spin when I connect the cable on it or close the the circuit with the screwdriver. The roll and pitch axis motors does not behave like that when the circuit is close. It's the YAW motor defective?
  • this is normal behavior for a 3phase motor.
  • Funny. I mean, it gets really hard to turn when the servo cable is connected with no power source on the Alexmos. I already measure the impedance from the Yaw motor and seams to be ok; and it's the only motor to behave like that. Roll and Pitch motors spin with no diference when the servo cable is connected. :/
  • all deppends on the windings and magnet strenght.

    Good explenation: