• Hey guys
    I still miss what I value really does apart from making follow mode more or less reactive. In fw 2.3 I could set it anyway without having big differences (apart from follow mode). In fw 2.4 I noticed is always better to keep it as low as possible otherwise I get medium frequency vibrations... what do you think? Can a basecam developer give us more informations :)? Thanks!
  • Did you try Follow Mode Speed?
  • Yes sure, as I said "I" value can change follow mode speed, so if I raise value follow is more reactive, but apart from that is anything else that "I" does?
  • The 2.3 was much different on PID tuning than the current FW. On 2.3 'I' affected RC speed and maybe also follow speed (I do not exactly remember) On current FW 'I' is just 'I' and does not affect RC or follow speeds.

    Instead you should use the Follow and RC speeds (as suggested also by stpfl) and adjusting LPF for them can be useful too as can be the acceleration limit.
  • I felt like even in 2.4 I could use I to change follow but of course follow mode speed, expo and deadband are the main tools...

    What exactly does acceletation limit do?
  • It is the maximum angular acceleration rate. If joystick speed is set high or angular control, it could be that one tries to accelerate or stop the gimbal too fast. this would result lost of control as the motors would not have enough power. Limiting the acceleration smooths the movement.
  • Oh ok I see, thanks, actually I wasn't seeing any difference without joystick