Motor choice for shock resistant gimball
  • Hi,
    I built a gopro 3 gimbal for my multirotor, but upon landing the shock would make the gimbal lose its hold on the camera.
    I used iPower GBM2208-80T .
    Now I am building a new gimbal but the purpose is different so I really need something that will keep the camera steady even if it receives a quick shock.

    What should I look for in a motor ?
    Will a motor with a torque that really exceeds the weight of the gopro help or should I look into different parameters ?

  • Torque, good balance, solid gimbal and good vibration dampening will help. I am using GB54-1 on yaw and Tarot gimbal parts on Pitch and Roll on this gimbal. (the tarot motors are not really good and they have been modified to remove slop. GB54 is good but heavy.)