PID Settings for Flight different combared to Handheld?
  • Hi!
    I tried Auto Tune with best stability and the Values found from the GUI worked great in Handheld Mode. In Flight Test there was a lot of self-excitation maybe because of Disturbance and Winds.
    Then i lowered P setting from Autotune and increase D Settings. All Values have a ratio of D= 70-80% of P
    Auto Tune founds Value Ratio of D=40-50% of P
    Also speeds are very low: I use 0.03 - 0.12
    Maybe i am wrong but if you have problem to find good flight PID Settings maybe give it a try.
    I think i have to write it down because i saw a lot of people using also high D= Values.

    What do you think about?
  • I get better results tuning for stability on handheld gimbals. On My GoPro gimbal I tuned Pitch and Roll for more for precision and Yaw for stability.


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  • Really nice, high speeds are certainly a challenge for gimbals and you gimbal handles it very well.