I set below 0.01?
  • I have been trying to tune my gimbal for quite a long time now and it is never good enough. I get lots of small jitters (jelly) that ruin the video. I think I already tried all possible combination of PID and power, and with my setup I get the best results with I set to 0.01. Today in the act of desperation I set "i" to 0 and all jitters are gone. I can jump up and down holding my gimbal and the video is good. However with I set to 0 the gimbal drifts quite quickly so it is still useless. Is there any setting that allows better precision? I noticed that I is stored as integer (0.01 -> 1) and the board doesn't take anything lower (tried 0.005).

    Honestly I have no idea what it wrong with my setup. The gimbal is balanced of course and the motors should be good enough for my camera.

    2.40b7 (8 bit)
    rc-timer gimbal (2 axis)
    5010 motors
    3s battery
    camera GH2 + 12mm lens (heavish). Also tried with pancake 20mm.

    I tried high power with lower PID and lower power with high PID and everything in between. currently have:
    ROLL 15 0.01 14 power 240
    PITCH 7 0.01 6 power 180

    I think pitch is ok but roll is struggling. I also noticed that I get best results with settings on the edge of high frequency vibration. I guess that's the point of tuning, isn't it? and in my case I have to go with D as high as possible and it usually is not high enough I think.

    any thoughts on it would be very welcome.

    EDIT: there was a mistake in the firmware version
  • Your FW is very old, The oldest I have been using is 2.3. If you have a legitimate board I would suggest updating the latest 8 bit FW to it (or at least 2.3, many seem to like the 2.3 over latest), if not I would suggest getting a legitimate board.

    But the actual problem could be and quite possibly is the gimbal it self. How solid is the gimbal, is it designed for GH2 sized camera? (I do not know rc-timer gimbals and I suppose there is many versions)
  • Garug. I use the latest firmware, sorry there was a mistake in my post. I do have legitimate board.

    the gimbal is not great. manufacturer claims that it was designed for my camera but if feels too small. Also I had to fix it to have correct right angles etc.

    it is like this one:
    but my camera is double that size.

    I kind of suspect the gimbal too. This morning I had it almost perfect. Then had to detach/attach camera to it and once powered my motors were suddenly vibrating (high frequency) very loudly and I had to completely re-tune it.
  • The Gimbal looks small and flexing already for the camera in the picture.

    If you try to get all arms as short as possible that will help, probably also installing IMU to the camera shoe on top will help. also lowering power will help as long as it does not become too weak, perfect palace helps.

    Also the 32 bit board filtering would help. On 8 bit board you could try Gyro LPF 1 or 2. Anyway you should get the PID much higher, especially 'I'

    and as always double check all basic settings, the gimbal may work somehow even if they are wrong, but never good.
  • Hi p0las

    i'm helping out a friend who has the same gimbal as you
    We are using the Sony Alpha 6000 camera with 18-55 steadyshot lens.
    legitimate 32 bit board running the 2.42b6 firmware and 2 IMU's.
    we have spent more than 10 hours tuning and i am also having the jitter issue.
    Sometimes the gimbal goes crazy and we have to land and reset the power
    All the I parameters are down to 0.01 because this really helps out.
    Power at 160.
    Anyways i really hope you find an asnwer soon,
    i will test again next week

  • If you use 0.01 because its the only option what really helps out its seems like you have a problem with your vibration dampening ( maybe to soft etc etc)
  • stpfl - mine is hand held. no vibrations at all. I would like to use value below 0.01 if it was possible.
    the weird thing is the the better balanced the gimbal is the worse is the result. I just got omd em5 and I put it on the gimbal without bothering to rebalance it after GH1. The result is the same as with GH1. However once I turned on in camera stabilisation the result it pretty good :-)
    I'm going to replace this gimbal with something bigger/better. This one was waste of money for this size of camera.