DYS BGM5208-200T-12 Hollow Shaft
  • People always ask these questions the motor is the same 14 poll motor as 5208 with housing that does not fit standard motor cages. Perfect for DIY use .
  • Thank you
  • Yes nice motor! Really solid so it also might be used without cage on pitch and roll
  • you need a motor cage for the best results, you can get by without it but do not expect the world from that setup
  • I get stunning results even without cage. I guess cage is to avoid to get play in motor bearings with a really big camera load.
  • Yes, but also you will easily get play over time and degraded performance if additional bearings are not used to support the Roll and Yaw axis. For Pitch it is enough to have a bearing at opposite of the motor. This is just something to be aware and check the motors if the performance starts to degrade.

    Also to consider, especially for aerial gimbals, how solid is the motor, what happens if it comes apart. It would be good to make sure that any single component failing will not drop the camera from the sky....
  • Sure of course!
    I'm currently checking if Roll and yaw motors are getting play over time and so far no play at all, but with a 1,2Kg camera used!